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Chocolate transfer sheets are a great way to decorate chocolate, cakes, pastries, and other desserts.  The results are exquisite and add a 'wow' factor to desserts.  The best thing about transfer sheets - they are so easy to use.
How to Use Transfer Sheets:
1)  You may not need to use the entire transfer sheet.  Cut the sheet to the size required.
2)  Spread melted chocolate over the transfer sheet.
3)  Chill the chocolate until firm.   
4)  Peel away the transfer sheet from the chocolate.  The edible transfer sheet design will be imprinted on the chocolate.
Transfer sheets are made from thin, plastic sheets coated with cocoa butter and FDA-approved food colouring.  The edible colouring is applied in various designs that will transfer to the chocolate. 
Be creative in the usage of transfer sheets.  Here are some ideas:
-  Use cookie cutters to cut chocolate while it is setting on the transfer sheet.  The results are shaped chocolates containing intricate designs.
-  Wrap a transfer sheet and chocolate around a cake after 1-minute of chilling (when it has begun to set but is still flexible).  Peel away the plastic to reveal a chocolate-bordered cake with amazing designs.
-  Place chocolate coated cookies onto a transfer sheet to chill.  Peel away the transfer sheet to reveal designer chocolate cookies! 
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