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Buttercream Flavoured Fondant - Fondarific Buttercream Flavoured Fondant - Fondarific - Various Sizes/Colours

Buttercream flavoured fondant with a rich, creamy texture.

Chocolate Fondant - Fondarific Chocolate Fondant - Fondarific - Various Sizes

Tootsie Roll fans will love this flavour. Itís as close to the taste as you can get to the real thing.

CMC Powder (Tylose powder) CMC Powder (Tylose powder) - 55 grams

Tylose (CMC) is an alternative product to use in making gumpaste instead of gum tragacanth. The advantage of the Tylose is that the paste is less expensive,, easier to make, holds up better in humidity and is whiter in color. The 55g container makes approximately 3 pounds of finished gumpaste.

Our Price: CAD $4.65
Icing - Buttercream - CK Icing - Buttercream - CK Products - VARIOUS COLOURS

Ready-to-use fluffy, coloured Buttercream Icing by CK Products.  Great for icing and decorating, just open and start decorating!

Invertase (Fermvertase) - LorAnn Invertase (Fermvertase) - LorAnn - Various Sizes

A natural product to change fondant from a solid to a cream and for making cordial centres.  Use just one drop to one pound moist fondant, and your chocolate coverd creams will be creamy and smooth after they are dipped.

Vanilla Flavoured Fondant - Fondarific Vanilla Flavoured Fondant - Fondarific - Various Sizes

This vanilla fondant not only tastes exceptional, it performs equally as well.