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Baker's Ammonia - 76.5 g (2.7 oz) - LorAnn Baker's Ammonia - LorAnn- Various Sizes

Baker's Ammonia is a leavening agent used to make extra-crispy cookies or crackers.  Unlike baking powder or soda, it does not leave an alkaline off-flavour in baked goods.

Dough Conditioner - Professional - VARIOUS SIZES

A professional dough conditioner that improves the consistency and quality of the dough.

SAF Gold Instant Yeast - 454 g (1 lb) SAF Gold Instant Yeast - 454 g (1 lb)

A professional quality yeast specially designed for breads with higher sugar levels.  Ideal for croissants, danishes, sweet breads, sweet doughs and donuts,

Our Price: CAD $7.95
SAF Red Instant Yeast - 454 g (1 lb) SAF Red Instant Yeast - 454 g (1 lb)

This is the preferred yeast of professional bread bakers.  Use in any recipe calling for Active Dry Yeast.  Ideal for bagels, baguettes, crackers, croissants, donuts, english muffins, flat breads, hearth breads, pan bread and pizza crusts.

Our Price: CAD $7.95