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Chocolate Shaver Chocolate Shaver

  • Adjustable 2¼"/6 cm blade - ideal for shaving chocolate, slicing truffles, vegetables and cheese

Our Price: CAD $18.95
Chocolate Spatula Thermometer - Taylor Connoisseur Chocolate Spatula Thermometer - Taylor Connoisseur

Unique spatula design aids in melting all kinds of chocolate while monitoring temperatures at the same time.

Our Price: CAD $26.95
Chocolate Transfer Sheets--Confettis Chocolate Transfer Sheets--Confettis

Two coloured cocoa butter transfer sheet featuring green and blue confettis. Sold in packs of 10 sheets per package. Dimensions of sheets: 305 x 450 mm (12 x 17.75")

Our Price: CAD $25.95
Confectionery Funnel - Fat Daddio's Confectionery Funnel - Fat Daddio's

The perfect tool for a baker or chocolatier.  Manufactured from durable polycarbonate material and a stainless steel piston  for fast and accurate portioning. Ideal for filling, garnishing plates,  chocolate dispensing, ganache, fondant, jellies, creams, dressings, or  portioning. One liter capacity is ample for professional use without refilling  frequently or becoming heavy. Includes three different nozzles that store in the  handle when not being used.

Our Price: CAD $47.95
Dipping Fork Set - 3-Piece Dipping Fork Set - 3-Piece - Commercial Wgt

Set includes one each: BonBon/Oval, Petit Four and Swirl dipping forks

Our Price: CAD $9.95
Dipping Tool Set - 3-Piece - Ateco Dipping Tool Set - 3-Piece - Ateco

Use to hold fruit, candy or nuts securely while dipping them into melted chocolate or other coatings.  Set includes a Three-Prong Fork, Two-Prong Fork and Spiral.

Our Price: CAD $15.95
Garnishing Set Garnishing Set

  • Use these garnishing tools to create delightful garnishes from fruits and vegetables
  • Set comes with 5 different tools along with instructions for use on each one.

Our Price: CAD $7.95