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Chocolate - Blond (White) 32% - Dulcey Blond Fèves (Discs) - Valrhona - VARIOUS SIZES
Chocolate - White (Blond) 32 % -  Dulcey Fèves (Discs) - Valrhona - VARIOUS SIZES


The world's first blond chocolate! Dulcey is a new type of chocolate from Valrhona. Dulcey is a smooth, creamy chocolate with a velvety, enveloping texture and a warm, blond colour. The first notes are buttery, toasty and not too sweet, gradually giving way to a hint of salt. Dulcey goes particularly well with ingredients that contain indulgent notes such as caramel, coffee and hazelnut. It is also very good with yellow fruits that are low in acidity such as mangos, bananas and apricots.

Note: Due to high temperatures or high humidity, chocolate products may melt during shipment. We only ship chocolate during fall/winter/spring months when the temperature is cooler. However, we cannot guarantee that chocolate will not melt during the shipping process. Chocolate that has encountered melting will appear dull coloured or may have greyish/white streaks and dots. This is known as 'bloom' and indicates that the cocoa butter is separating from the chocolate and is rising to the surface. Although not the prettiest in appearance, chocolates with bloom are fine to eat with little impact to the texture or taste of the chocolate.

- 32% cocoa minimum, pure cocoa butter.
- 906 g (2 lb) package option is not in original Valrhona packaging. These have been re-packaged from a larger size bag.
- 3 kg (6.6 lb) package option is in original Valrhona packaging.
- Product of France

This product may contain traces of nuts, milk and egg proteins, gluten.

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
VALR-DULC32-906 Chocolate - Blond (White) 32% - Dulcey Blond Fèves (Discs) - 906 g (2 lbs) - Valrhona
CAD $43.95
VALR-DULC32-6600 Chocolate - Blond (White) 32% - Dulcey Blond Fèves (Discs) - 3 kg (6.6 lbs) - Valrhona
CAD $114.95
VALR-DULC32-BULK Chocolate - Blond (White) 32% - Dulcey Blond Fèves (Discs) - 3 kg (6.6 lbs) - BULK PRICING - 2 OR MORE 3 KG BAGS - PRICE PER BAG
CAD $109.95
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  • Will higher-quality chocolate really make a difference in my cakes, muffins and cookies?
  • You don't really need to use the highest quality chocolates for your cakes, muffins and cookies. There are many fine, reasonably priced chocolates available in supermarkets that are excellent for cake glazes, mousses, fillings, etc. However, as is so often the case in life, there is a reason why certain chocolates are more expensive than others - quality. This is the reason why professional chocolatiers, bakers and pastry chefs rely on professional quality chocolates. You will find that working with a quality chocolate will eliminate waste, make the process easier and the end product more delicious.

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, sugar, whole milk powder, dried skimmed milk, whey, butter, emulsifier (soya lecithin), natural vanilla extract.
This product may contain traces of nuts, milk and egg proteins, gluten.

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