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FONDUST™ - Food Colour - Les Chocolats Roxy & Rich
FONDUST - Food Colour - Les Chocolats Roxy & Rich--NEW!

Les Chocolats Roxy & Rich FONDUST™ line has many colours you may need to create your masterpiece. This hybrid powder food colour is specially designed to blend evenly and release vibrant colour with extra-low moisture food products. It is ideal for colouring fondant, gum paste, marzipan, royal icing, buttercream, cake batter, macarons, piping gel, hard candy, and pulled or blown sugar (it is not suitable for use with pure chocolate). Unlike gel and paste colours, this powder colour contains no acids or preservatives which would cause the colour to fade when exposed to UV light, so it resists fading better than other types of food colours (if the food product which is being coloured contains an acid, some fading may still occur). FONDUST™ can replace gel colour, paste colour, candy colour, liquid colour for sugar, colour for macarons, etc. FONDUST™ is the universal colouring system you were waiting for.

All the colours meet FDA and Health Canada standards for food colouring. Actual colours may vary. 4 g

Directions: FONDUST™ is easy to use. You just need to knead up to 3 grams per 1 Kg of fondant to get the maximum colour hue. The quantity may be different when used in other food products. FONDUST™ does not add any bitter taste, whatever the amount added. FONDUST™ does not stain fingers, as long they are dry. The powder colour can also be mixed with clear alcohol or lemon juice for use with an airbrush.

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
FD-COLOURED-029 FONDUST™ Food Colour - Forest Green - Les Chocolats Roxy & Rich
CAD $9.00
FD-COLOURED-036 FONDUST™ Food Colour - Gold - Les Chocolats Roxy & Rich
CAD $8.00
FD-COLOURED-005 FONDUST™ Food Colour - Lemon Yellow - Les Chocolats Roxy & Rich
CAD $8.00
FD-COLOURED-025 FONDUST™ Food Colour - Navy Blue - Les Chocolats Roxy & Rich
CAD $10.00
FD-COLOURED-007 FONDUST™ Food Colour - Orange - Les Chocolats Roxy & Rich
CAD $8.00
FD-COLOURED-020 FONDUST™ Food Colour - Royal Purple - Les Chocolats Roxy & Rich
CAD $10.00
FD-COLOURED-012 FONDUST™ Food Colour - Super Red - Les Chocolats Roxy & Rich
CAD $10.00
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