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We are Canada's Online Source for Vanilla Beans! Our company was founded on vanilla beans and we are proud of the quality of our product.

The term 'plain vanilla' certainly does not apply to the vanilla bean. After using real vanilla beans, it is easy to understand how this spice has become the cornerstone of pastry and baking. Vanilla beans are the most costly form of vanilla flavouring - but are without question the best.

We obtain the finest vanilla beans from Madagascar. This allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality vanilla beans at the best prices possible. Our Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans are rich in natural vanillin and carry the classic vanilla flavour. These beans have a smooth, rich, sweet flavor and are the thinnest of the vanilla beans grown. Bourbon beans are highly prized by professional pastry chefs and bakers. Our Madagascar beans carry the well-earned reputation as being premium quality products and exhibit a sweet vanilla aroma that is almost caramel in flavour.

Our Pure Vanilla Powder is 100% pure with only a single ingredient - ground Madagascar vanilla beans.

Foodservice and industrial clients requiring bulk volumes are welcome. We specialize in vanilla and are ready to fulfill large quantity orders on short notice. Take advantage of price savings when ordering in bulk. Our webstore is setup to handle bulk purchases up to 9 lbs. Feel free to contact us at info@vanillafoodcompany.com if you require vanilla in quantities 10 lbs and larger. We will be more than happy to provide you with pricing.

Keep the vanilla in an airtight container (we recommend a glass jar) at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Kept this way, it can be stored for 12 months. Do not worry if you see whitish powder on the surface of the beans for those are vanillin crystals - gold of the vanilla bean! Please note that our vanilla bean prices are based on the global vanilla market. These prices are constantly fluctuating based on global supply and demand. By pricing our vanilla beans according to these market conditions, we are able to offer our customers fair prices for top quality vanilla beans. However, please note that our vanilla prices will change from time to time.
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Madgascar Pure Ground Vanilla Beans Pure Ground Vanilla Beans - Madagascar - Various Sizes

Our pure ground vanilla is made from top quality dried and ground Madagascar vanilla beans.  This is 100% pure ground vanilla – there are no additional sugars or additives.  Ground vanilla beans are the only ingredient in this premium product.  

Be aware that not all vanilla powders are 100% vanilla beans.  Many other vanilla powders contain unnecessary additives and sugars.  If you are seeking quality, insist on 100% pure ground vanilla.

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans Vanilla Beans - Madagascar Bourbon - GRADE A - Various Sizes

Our Bourbon vanilla beans are grown on the island of Madagascar. These beans are smooth, rich and sweet. Bourbon beans are highly prized by professional pastry chefs and bakers.

Vanilla beans available in packages ranging from 10 beans to 9 lb bulk orders. If you require larger quantities of vanilla beans, please contact us for bulk pricing.

- Grown in Madagascar - Grade A category - Black, plump and pliable - Average length of 6.5" to 7" (approx 17 cm) - Vanilla Species: Planifolia

The repackaged item was packaged using machines that may have come into contact with nuts, egg proteins, wheat/gluten, dairy or dairy products, soy, tartrazine, corn, poppy seeds, MSG, mustard, sulphites and sesame.