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Pure Almond Extract Almond Extract - Nielsen Massey - Various Sizes

Pure Almond Extract blends well with a host of foods and flavours, including vanilla, chocolate, caramel, apples, coconut, cherries, cream, strawberries, raisins and more. Use Pure Almond Extract to add the warm, mellow, nutty flavour of almonds to baked good favorites such as pies and pastries. Add it to confections, frostings and fillings for a fabulous finishing touch.

Available in 59 mL (2 oz), 118 mL (4 oz) and 531 mL (18 oz) sizes.

Chocolate Extract - Nielsen Massey Chocolate Extract - Nielsen Massey - Various Sizes

Pure Chocolate Extract offers a rich and smooth chocolate flavour, without sweetness. It pairs well with other favourites such as vanilla, almonds, cinnamon, coffee, nuts, raspberries, maple, mint, coconut, cream cherries and bananas. Add a whisper of chocolate to a wide variety of foods – from cakes, cookies and icings, to coffee, custards and puddings.

Available in 59 mL (2 oz) and 531 mL (18 oz ) sizes.

Coffee Extract - Nielsen Massey Coffee Extract - Nielsen Massey - Various Sizes

Pure Coffee Extract is the essence of rich brewed coffee in a concentrated form that allows the cook to deliver the nuances of coffee without having to brew a pot. Use it to add subtle richness to a vanilla milkshake or hot chocolate. Add it to hot fudge sauce as a topping for ice cream, add it to vanilla yogurt, or blend it into whipped cream to go with brownies or pound cake. It's also a great addition to molten chocolate cakes, tiramisu, or molasses cookies.

Available in 59 mL (2 oz) and 531 mL (18 oz) sizes.

Lemon Extract - Nielsen Massey Lemon Extract - Nielsen Massey - Various Sizes

Pure Lemon Extract complements just about any dish! It has a special affinity for vanilla, orange, almond and many other flavours. It’s a natural with fish, pork and chicken and it marries well with a variety of herbs, such as parsley, rosemary, thyme, garlic and basil. Lemon extract can be added to anything from beverages and vegetables to desserts and jellies.

Available in 59 mL (2 oz) and 531 mL (18 oz) sizes.

Orange Blossom Water - 60 mL / 2 oz - Nielsen Massey Orange Blossom Water - 60 mL / 2 oz - Nielsen Massey

This refreshingly aromatic water is made from a distillate of the Seville bitter orange from Spain and the Middle East.  Orange Blossom Water brings the sweet perfume of the orange grove to a variety of dishes

Our Price: CAD $7.85
Orange Extract - Nielsen Massey Orange Extract - Nielsen Massey - Various Sizes

Pure Orange Extract is the perfect partner to vanilla, chocolate, strawberries, pineapples and many other foods. Enhance rice, chicken, and fish dishes, even jams and marmalades. Add an orange burst to fruit pies, salad dressings, cream and custard desserts, and of course ice cream and sherbets, beverages, and pastries.

Available in 59 mL (2 oz) and 531 mL (18 oz) sizes.

Peppermint Extract - Nielsen Massey Peppermint Extract - Nielsen Massey - Various Sizes

Peppermint has been cultivated since Grecian times, and was brought to the new World early in its European settlement. Pure Peppermint Extract is made from the finest mint oils according to the strictest quality standards. Use it to flavour teas, to enhance fruit salads or to complement chocolate in cakes, ice cream and icings. Peppermint is the signature flavouring of holiday candy canes. It goes well with vanilla, and is a surprising accompaniment to savoury dishes such as lamb, pork and poultry.

Available in 59 mL (2 oz) and 531 mL (18 oz) sizes.

Rose Water - Nielsen Massey Rose Water - Nielsen Massey - Various Sizes

This sweet scented water is a steam distillate made from the purest rose petals.  Rose Water has an affinity for vanilla, cream, white chocolate, rice and mild cheeses such as Brie or cream cheese.

Vanilla Alcohol Free - LorAnn Vanilla Alcohol Free - LorAnn - Various Sizes

Impart the warm, comforting notes of vanilla into your favourite recipes without the addition of alcohol! The non-alcohol vanilla flavour is made with real vanilla from select vanilla beans and contains no sugar or corn syrup. Available in 118 mL (4 oz) and 473 mL(16 oz) sizes. Product of USA

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