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Apple Sticks - Wooden - 18 cm (7") - 50/pack Apple Sticks - Wooden - 18 cm (7") - 50/pack

Apple Sticks - Round, wooden, dull point

Our Price: CAD $9.95
Bears & Hearts Lollipop Kit - LorAnn Bears & Hearts Lollipop Kit - LorAnn

Hard Candy Made Easy…Simply Add Sugar!

By combining professional flavourings, re-usable molds, and professional grade powdered corn syrup, this kit will turn any home into a real candy factory!

Kit includes: Grape and watermelon super strength flavoring oils, 25 sucker sticks, 2 reusable molds tempered for high heat, 2 packets professional grade powdered corn syrup.

• Great as a gift or for making gifts!
• Makes two large batches of hard candy
• Use of a candy thermometer recommended

Our Price: CAD $14.25
Candy & Deep Fry Thermometer - Premium Metal - CDN Candy & Deep Fry Thermometer - Premium Metal - CDN

For candy, jelly and deep-frying - measures from 100 to 400ºF (40 - 100ºC).  Large, colour-coded 8"/20.3 cm scale.  Stainless steel housing. Waterproof, durable laboratory glass. Plastic handle stays cool. Target range indication. Non-mercuric column. 2-way mounting:  hang or clip to pan with the stainless steel clip

Our Price: CAD $20.95
Candy Brushes - Pkg of 10 Candy Brushes - Pkg of 10

Create amazing colour effects with a wide range of brush shapes and sizes. Use with Chocolate, gum paste, fondant and more.

Our Price: CAD $3.75
Candy Thermometer - LorAnn Candy Thermometer - LorAnn

Thermometer has Fahrenheit and Celsius Scales. Ideal for making hard candy, fudges and more.

Our Price: CAD $6.25
Cocoa Butter - LorAnn Cocoa Butter - LorAnn - Various Sizes

LorAnn's 100% pure cocoa butter is edible and can be used in chocolate and confectionery crafting.

Coconut Oil - 4 oz - LorAnn Coconut Oil - 4 oz (fluid ounces) - LorAnn

Unscented and flavourless. LorAnn coconut oil is often added to chocolates, meltaways and other candies to improve viscosity, texture, flavour and mouthfeel. Also used to thin/smooth coatings for dipping or for easy flow in decorative chocolate fountains.

Our Price: CAD $4.25
Glucose - 453 g (1 lb) Glucose - 453 g (1 lb)--OUT OF STOCK

Glucose is very thick corn syrup.  453 g (1 lb) of glucose is approximately 1½ cups

Our Price: CAD $8.55
Hard Candy Mix - LorAnn Hard Candy Mix - LorAnn

Make 1.5 lbs of great tasting, traditional hard candy in just 30 minutes!

LorAnn's Hard Candy Mix is designed to work with LorAnn Flavouring.  Simply combine this pre-measured package with 1 teaspoon of your favourite LorAnn flavouring.

Our Price: CAD $5.25
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